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A natural history museum, which trys to answer many questions associated with the "Grotte de la Madeleine", and also the protection of the Gorges, wildlife,local flora, water pollution and many other important issues in order to conserve the outstanding beauty of the area.

The message: protect, inform and educate many visitors about an exceptional environment.

Maison de la réserve

A representation of many species of plants indiginous to the region surround the museum.
All plants are labelled to help visitors identify the exceptional local flora. You will discover the tree of Judea, the Geranium Sanguin Veronica .... And many more unusual plants, flowers which florish around the Gorges.

Light show

Take an enchanting journey into the dephts of earth…
What’s more

Son et lumières grotte de la Madeleine

Opening Period 2016

From May 31st to November 4th

Admission and opening times