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The Grotte was discovered in 1887 by Germain Rigaud, a shepherd from Saint-Remèze. When he first discovered the cave he had only a candle with which to regard the stunning discovery!

Here is a description of one of the first visitors, the senior officer of the French army.

"... at about 20 meters above the river, there is a roap wich brings us at the entrance of the cave. This cave is a big hole which was never explored. At first, we can see three big "rooms" with lot of columns; front of the entrance there are three little baths with lot of hangings, and just above us we can see a big "colonel épaulette". At the end, we can see a big column in pure calcite (calcium carbonate), it’s very white!! To come out, we are guided by the sunlight after three hours of visit..."

Light show

Take an enchanting journey into the dephts of earth…
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Son et lumières grotte de la Madeleine

Opening Period 2016

From May 31st to November 4th

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