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001 mountainFrom Malbosc to the Madeleine site

A hike into the heart of the Ardeche Gorge with a guide from the Nature Conservatory where you’ll discover the Madeleine Caverns and the surrounding area.

Starting at the welcome center, walk along the Cathedral Belvedere path to see the icon of the gorge: Cathedral Rock. Then into the woods to see vertical cave openings, stone walls, and the local flora and maybe some timid fauna.

Pass by the Forest Center Dolmen of Saint-Remèze, one of the very peaceful spots in the woods. You can picnic here before continuing to the welcome center and the caverns tour.

Amazement guaranteed

 Length :

3 hours hiking and 1 hour touring the caverns

 Conditions :

Good hiking shoes and an excellent mood !

 Rates : 

Adults : 18 Euros / Children : 10 Euros

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Rando SGGA
renard jean louis bataglia