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How many steps in the caverns ?

250 steps.

Can I bring my baby on the tour ?

No problem. We have baby carriers for your convenience at the welcome center.

Are strollers allowed ?

No strollers allowed in the caverns.

What is the cavern temperature ?

15° centigrade year round.

How long is the caverns tour ?

1 hour.

Are photos allowed ?

Yes !

What shoes do I need ?

We recommend walking shoes but sandals are ok.

Can we tour the caverns on our own ?

For security reasons we only offer guided tours.

Are dogs allowed ?

Yes, inside and outside the caverns.

Are you open year round ?

We’re open April 1 – early November.

Are the caverns open in the rain ?

Of course ! It’s even a better time to see water seeping in and the subterranean sights are even more spectacular.

How should I dress ?

A sweater will do.

What services do you offer ?

A gift shop, snackbar, restrooms, etc.

Is the caverns accesible to reduced mobility visitors ?

All but the caverns are accesible. Unfortunately the caverns are not.

Do you offer tours in other languages ?

Our guides give some tours in English. We have audio guides in English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Russian.

Is picnicing allowed ?

YES. And we have picnic tables.